Development history of our project

2018.09.29. Almost one year is gone… However, work is not stopped.
The multiplayer inventory is almost finished for the Dreampax. A client can transfer all items between containers (including inventory) without time delay. The server verifies all information from the client and able to rollback everything in case of mismatches.
Voxel destruction and construction started to work in the multiplayer mode and support Dual Contouring.

2017.10.27. The multiplayer inventory and the destroyed voxel landscape are being developed. The first, still simple, version of the inventory is already working on the network. Very soon the destruction of voxels will also become multiplayer.

2017.06.22. There is a new video record on Youtube.

2017.05.01. Fully destructible voxel terrain was created. Video will coming soon.

2016.12.11. Logo for DreamPax was created via Winner was chosen! This is dream catcher.
DreamPax logo

2016.12.07. The main programmer fired himself due to limited personal qualification.

2016.12.04. First version of world generator is completed! Video record is here

2016.10.26. First multiplayer version was created. Work for terrain generation is started.

2016.08.15. The platform of the project does not live up to expectations. There is rollback to the beginning. Yes, yes … We start from the beginning.

2016.08.08. Creating DreamPax page on Twitter.

2016.08.08. There is first video record on Youtube.

2016.08.07. Creating DreamPax channel on Youtube.

2016.08.06. Launching a web-site and creating a page on Facebook

2016.08.02. First demo version of the game world appears. The procedurally generated world is spread on area.

First screenshot of DreamPax

2016.07.31. The final decision on the name of the project is taken – DreamPax. Website is created

2016.07.26. A decision is taken about the platform for developing the project.

2016.07.24. Development of the project begins. The working title is changed to Realm.

2016.07.19. The main programmer of the project is found. Work on drawing up the task to develop begins.

2016.07.13. The decision on creation of the game was taken. The working title is Craft. Ad is posted for the main programmer.

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